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Building a Film

For years, I tried to dodge explaining to my friends and even my family that I’m the worst sort of habit-creature-thing when it comes to sleeping. See more
In the spring of 2001, I was working a job not unlike the one I’m working now and I wasn't crazy about it. See more
I’ve been in Cape Girardeau for all of ten minutes and I’m already lost. The turn off for the address I’m looking for has come and gone. Siri’s barking orders at me while I try to find a place to turn around. It’s after ten o’clock. See more
On Sunday nights, I reset. I get the kitchen as close to aces as possible, find a stopping place for the laundry, shut down as many lights as I can, put on something quiet and try to clear my head. See more
It’s 5:58 PM on a Tuesday in Durham. We’re ten days away from the start of principal photography on Sphere and there are a hundred things that need doing, ninety-four of which probably won’t get done on time, if at all. See more
A lot of times it's easier to just go with what you have, but that doesn't mean you should. Just like how an actor or actress needs to be right for a part, a camera must fit the story being told. See more
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Bring Chase Productions is set to release a trailer for Sphere of Influence, a psychological horror film shot on location throughout Cape Girardeau county in March of 2015. See more
Designing the mysterious VHS tape to look like it had 1) been inside a camcorder under thick underbrush deep in a forest for 28 years, and 2) been gently cleaned by the girl who found it was not easy. See more
Every script I write demands its own process.  Some stories demand that I go straight to Final Draft without any notes or outlines, others demand a great deal of preparation. Sphere of Influence is in the latter category. See more
Informative blog posts covering a variety of pre-production, production, and post-production topics, by the Sphere of Influence Director, Producers, Production Designer, and possibly some of the Cast and Crew. See more